Military Law Section


Utah@EASE is a referral program led by the Office of the Utah Attorney General in conjunction with the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs and the Utah State Bar. It is a public-private partnership, recognized by the Utah Legislature and the Governor in HCR 13, 2018, offering pro bono legal assistance and representation to veterans and Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard service members for Military Rights, Immigration, Landlord-Tenant issues, Predatory Lending, Creditor-Debtor issues, Employment, Consumer Fraud, and Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Only matters listed above are covered under this program so criminal, family law, personal injury, and legal matters against the USA or a state, among others, are not covered.

Attorneys are volunteers and will represent without charge unless awarded attorney’s fees from the opposing party. The service member or veteran is responsible for filing fees. An attorney assigned to a case is not employed by or otherwise associated with the Utah Attorney General’s Office, other than volunteering to assist with the legal problem without charge.

To volunteer, contact